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Plus 1

Apr 26, 2020

In this episode, Linda and her long-time bestie, Courtney Cooke, chat about self-love & dating during quarantine. They talk about the ways in which they are showing themselves and their bodies self-love while at home. They also chat about how they are virtually dating and coping with quarantine while single. 


Apr 19, 2020

In this episode, Linda virtually meets Kitty Underhill! Kitty is a model, writer, and body acceptance advocate based in London. They chat about issues surrounding size inclusivity in the fashion industry, and Kitty shares her experiences of being on the smaller side of plus size modeling. They also talk about attraction...

Apr 13, 2020

Linda chats with Toni Caggiano, fat positive advocate and influencer! They chat about body politics, what it means to be fat positive, and the type of harassment fat bodies receive online. They also talk about being hyper-sexualized on dating apps, and how to navigate that world. Follow Toni on instagram @tonicaggiano,...

Apr 5, 2020

Linda chats with Elizabeth Diana, from the Glow Up Effect Podcast. Elizabeth shares her experiences with her postpartum body, and how to reconcile the expectations you have for yourself with what you can actually give yourself. She also talks about her relationship and balancing a family while taking care of...