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Plus 1

Apr 26, 2020

In this episode, Linda and her long-time bestie, Courtney Cooke, chat about self-love & dating during quarantine. They talk about the ways in which they are showing themselves and their bodies self-love while at home. They also chat about how they are virtually dating and coping with quarantine while single. 


Feb 13, 2020

Linda sits down with Love Addiction Coach, Katie Grimes, to talk about how insecurities can affect the way you give and receive love. They also discuss what it means to be in a healthy relationship with yourself, and with others.

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Feb 11, 2019

Linda sits down with Yelana Loiselle, a young social worker and fitness instructor in the Boston area, to talk about how she learned to love herself. They also talk about app dating, ghosting, and self-dating. Follow Linda on social media for updates @LINDUSIKI and follow Yelana on Instagram @YelanaLoiselle